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  • Description:Antonioli, who is known as the light and dark black in many media, is the first place in Milan to go to the top of the list of buyers. In 1987, Claudio Antonioli made a small test in Milan, which was famous for its unique aesthetic and alternative style. In 2003, he rebuilt the Miramer Theater in Milan and became the prototype of the store, opening the market. The black mechanical feel is the biggest feature of Antonioli when most buyers buy bright and clear shops. Gareth Pugh, Ann D, Yohji Yamamoto, Yang Li, and Antonioli brought together these tough, individualized Diablos to form a "gothic team." Even the usual luxury brands such as Moschino, Valentino, etc. in the store have become hard. Italian fashion is not only a 10 corso como lady, but also a white gold hair rebellious girl with a black lipstick like Antonioli. They sell fashion, not selling luxury, but selling personality.
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