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  • Description:EasyToys is from the world's most open country - the Netherlands, which belongs to EDC Retail Group. It is the No. 1 adult retail brand in the Dutch domestic market. It has a 78% market share in the Netherlands. In the second quarter of 2016, its business sales amounted to 16 million Euros. Retail business sales of 9 million euros business coverage of Europe throughout August 2016 EasyToys officially entered the Chinese market. EasyToys' parent company EDC Group has been a good representative of the Dutch industry has won many prestigious years: nominated in 2016 "Netherlands Development The top 30 fastest cross-border e-commerce companies won the “Outstanding Enterprise Award of the Netherlands” in 2015. In 2014, it won the Eroffame “Best Supplier of E-Commerce” and won the “Best Internet E-Commerce Employer” in 2013.
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