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  • Description:#香港人的网上购平台 "Is it a Hong Kong-based online shopping platform?" With this belief, MyDress was born in April 2013! true. Online shopping platform created by Hong Kong people #Bra can be returned Breaking the tradition, zero-buy online to buy bra, Zhong wants to be the first in Hong Kong online return package replacement, return package replacement, return package replacement (important thing to say three times) #就当我不买 enough How many shirts does a woman have to buy for a lifetime? It’s really hard to answer a question. It’s the so-called “good day to buy a shirt, rain and buy a shirt... MyDress has sold thousands of new shirts every week, and there are no more reasons for buying shirts. I am afraid that your wardrobe will be installed. #买好西 MyDress won the [Google Search] fashion online shopping No.1 in 2014, and Facebook has 200,000 fans, and the major platform media reports have won the 2015 ICT Awards. It turns out that MyDress is the best buy Western generous online shopping platform.