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  • Description:Theory from New York, USA, a postmodern fashion brand, was founded in 1997. With the design of “simple and elegant”, all the clothes are made of elastic fabrics, so that the women wearing the Hilly fashion feel more comfortable and show the sexy side. In addition, the brand marketing is also simple and elegant. It has never been brought to the T-stage or borrowed the name of a famous designer, but simply launched a new series, which is explored by the customers themselves. Another feature of Hillary Fashion is the different styles of women, and each season will also introduce a dictionary to explain the style behind each name. The market targeted by Hillary Fashion is mainly office workers, a group of smart, active and fashionable professional women, and is looking for high quality and classic design, but also requires a white-collar beauty who is close to the trend and wearing novel fabrics. Hilary Fashion hopes to incorporate personal taste, temperament and elegance into a sexy, neutral design, so that OL is no longer just to show the male's toughness from the clothing to show the ability to work, but to dissolve the individual's thoughts and personality. Into commuter, you can wear clothes when you go to work, and make your clothes more life-oriented and comprehensive. When Hillary Fashion was founded, it was well received by customers because of its clear and concise design and comfortable fabrics.